SPONSOR Generations Celebration


Sponsoring Generations Celebration

We need to keep educating, supporting, and inspiring ourselves and each other. Sponsoring Generations Celebration is an investment for all.

Help to shed light on all generations

Our team drives groundbreaking research, providing compelling and one-of-a-kind tools to deepen our understanding of aging – especially the experiences of LGBTQ+ elders. Your sponsorship will help launch the new gen2gen mentorship program, specifically designed to bridge generational gaps. We’re thrilled YouthCare is a collaborating partner on gen2gen!

Be a partner for change

The strength of our community is in our diversity. Sponsoring this event is an investment in building up our diverse community, linking younger and older people, as well as creating strategic partnerships to advance meaningful change.

Honoring yesterday, celebrating today, preparing for tomorrow

Generations Celebration will honor our rich past, celebrate who we are today, and look forward to tomorrow. The event is an opportunity for your organization to connect with people and their unique experiences, and support solutions to the challenges facing us all.