For decades there have been too few opportunities to build connections between older and younger generations. Today,  physical distancing cause further division, disconnection, ageism, and loneliness. The pandemic has separated everyone while creating an appreciation for our essential interdependence.

Our gen2gen mentorship program will bring generations together to fight social isolation and strengthen multigenerational connections. Through gen2gen, diverse generations will share their life stories and lessons learned to make meaningful connections and better understand each other’s diverse experiences, histories, and perspectives.

The gen2gen program is being developed by the AgePride HealthyGen Center at the University of Washington’s School of Social Work. The Center’s successful programs are based on strong community partnerships. Together we utilize cutting-edge information regarding vulnerable populations to develop innovative solutions improving health, well-being, and longevity.

We’re thrilled YouthCare is a collaborating partner on gen2gen.

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The 2nd Annual Generations Celebration event emphasizes the need to combat LGBTQ+ elders’ social isolation by building community. We invite LGBTQ+ people of all ages and their allies to tune in for an hour of entertainment and to help raise funds for this important mentorship program.

Your support will help create a community that:

  • Respects the wisdom and contributions of people of all ages and backgrounds
  • Creates a better future through the power of connecting younger and older people

Your donation will provide tools and reinforcements for:

  • Matching participants
  • Coordinating and promoting services with community partners
  • Ensuring participants have the means to participate and receive ongoing support

Thank you for helping to create a world where younger and older generations come together in ways that help us all thrive!